Our Mission

The health of individuals with cardiorespiratory and obesity-related diseases

Since its opening in 1918, the Québec Heart and Lung University Institute (Institut universitaire de cardiologie et de pneumologie de Québec - IUCPQ) has been at the forefront of the health network because of the quality of its care and services, its innovations and its technological advances. It is the only centre across Canada to offer in a same building specialized and overspecialized health care and services in cardiology, respirology and bariatric surgery; three programs for which the IUCPQ is renowned at the regional, national and international levels.

Furthermore, the interaction between health care, research, teaching and the assessment of technologies and modes of intervention is a success factor in the accomplishment of the Institute’s mission. The diseases on which these programs focus are the primary causes of death in industrialized countries.

A Supraregional Centre

The Institute is a university medical centre covering a population of more than 2 million persons throughout the central and eastern parts of the province. We are proud to be a reference in tertiary care for rural regions, which represent 50% of our practice. Every day, physicians working in regions recommend patients to the Institute either for a specific intervention or follow-up care.

3 150
employees, professionals, researchers and assistants;

medical specialists and general practitioners;

Each of them dedicated to 30% of Quebec’s population. Over $200 million of annual operating budget.

Did you know that IUCPQ is ...

A heart health program among the most important in Canada that allows our specialists to perform each year:

  • 2 210
    heart surgeries
  • 9 830
    interventional hemodynamic and electrophysiology procedures
  • 34 - 49%
    the largest volume of heart transplantations in the province

A unique, innovative respiratory health program that allows our team to annually:

  • 1 050
    patients with lung cancer treated by the institute
  • 6 400
    endoscopic examinations
  • 15 280
    pulmonary function tests

A centre of excellence in bariatric surgery that does each year:

  • 600
    bariatric surgeries
  • 5 000
    follow-up care of patients who had surgery or are waiting for one

A leading program of specialized care for patients with diabetes.

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